Like Sea to Sand

Talent and SBS, they go hand in hand,
an old romance, its sea to sand.
All year long, we heave our books,
it makes us weary, we forget to look,
look for the talent that resides in SBS,
in every crevice, corner and nook.
All year long, we struggle, we strive,
now it's time for a break, in the month of five.
The stage grows restless, there exists a desperation,
it’s time for jashn, it’s time for celebration.
So it’s time to unite, together we stand,
for talent and SBS, they go hand in hand.


From hectic practice sessions to offstage chatter, here are updates on all that goes into the preparation and celebration of Jashn. We bring to you snippets through the eyes of our very own student reporters, in their expression of the Jashn spirit. You are invited aboard on this exclusive platform created by the SBS writing community, brimming with zest and zeal for sharing, stay tuned!


From Seva to our singers at the Unplugged performance and even our monologue performers, you can find everything and everyone here. It’s the one and only GPS to ensure that you reach at the right venue well on time to enjoy Jashn in its entirety.